Limited Telemedicine services 

Limited telemedicine services includes those physical health services provided via secured technology using only visual assessment.  


The FAQ will address the following questions: 

  • Do I need a separate patient consent?
  • What about security and HIPPA?
  • How do I prepare my patients? 
  • How do I prepare myself? 
  • What are the limitations of telemedicine when only using a camera?
  • How do I bill for services provided via telehealth? 
  • What policies or protocols do I need? 

HHS Good Faith provisions of Health Care

The following list includes some vendors that provide HIPAA-compliant video communication products that would include a HIPAA BAA (AAP, 2020).

Skype for Business Updox VSee
Zoom for Healthcare SnapMD
Google G Suite Hangouts Meet    

professional standards and guidelines

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2020).  Information for pediatric health care providers. Maintaining Childhood Immunizations and Well-Child Care During COVID-19 Pandemic.   


National Association of School Nurses (2017).  Telehealth the role of school nursing. Position Statement.  


Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (2020).  WCAAP Guidance: Telehealth Well Child Care During COVID-19 Pandemic/Sheltering in Place.  


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World Health Organization (2020). Immunization in the context of COVID 19 pandemic.  

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