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A Project of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Child and Adolescent Health Center (CAHC) Program

Telehealth Model of Collaborative Healthcare Delivery in Schools

The CAHC Telehealth Project is a truly collaborative model. It utilizes video conferencing technology to connect school nurses and students with off-site medical providers for the diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions. Through this innovative telehealth collaboration, students can receive effective care more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before – in the convenience of their own school nurse’s office.


This groundbreaking project is made possible by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Child and Adolescent Health Center (CAHC) Program.


Our Vision: To utilize telehealth technology and collaborative partnerships to positively impact the health and well-being of students across Michigan. 


Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased healthcare access for Michigan students.
  • Reimbursement facilitation for school clinic health services that use RNs and telehealth technology.
  • Increase youth satisfaction with healthcare visits through the use of telehealth technology.
  • Healthier students!


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of Michigan adolescents! Here are useful resources for getting started.


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